What is BeeRent Pay?

BeeRent Pay is a payment module feature which allows charging your guest at the moment of booking by credit card, bank transfer and all other inovative payment options with lowest fees applied, from 1,8% to 2,8% + transaction fees, depending in which country the credit card was issued. BeeRent Pay is using "Mollie" payment gateway for the purpose of this service, you can find the exact costs of using the service from the list below:

  • Mollie Pricelist: https://www.mollie.com/en/pricing/
  • + BeeRent charges 1% for administrative costs per transaction.

This feature is automatically enabled when the BeeRent account is created and can be used for the reservations from one of the following sales channels: Booking.com, HomeAway, Expedia and Casamundo.

Likewise, this feature is available for all your direct reservations, whether they are made over your website, e-mail or telephone.

The Pay-off is made between 10th and 15th of each month for all bookings with the checkout of the previous month. 



Your overall benefits?

  • Software application for managing all your listings and reservations from all sales channels in one place free of charge - BeeRent
  • If you already have existing property listings on Booking.com and AirBNB from now on you will have only one listing which you can edit/update through BeeRent. If you do not have property listings on major booking portals, BeeRent will create them for you.
  • Completed, edited and connected BeeRent profile with instructions manual and free support from our, always kind and ready to help, support service. 
  • BeeRent Pay, tool for charging accomodation from your guests with the possibility of receiving all credit cards and all other inovative payment options with lowest fees applied.

Take advantage of this opportunity! Get involved in a project that is being implemented by BeeRent with support of tourist boards and most popular booking portals completely free of charge!

Sign up today because interest for this service is growing rapidly. Join our users, more than 10 000 accomodation renters with more than 30 000 private accomodation units. Project lasts until 30th June 2018.

Contact us at customerservice@beerent.com or by telephone +385 52 634 722 to get an assigned agent who will initiate the process of boarding you in and answering all your additional questions.