We are looking for a Software engineer

We are looking for a Software engineer

[Who we are]

BeeRent is a company where travel industry meets IT. We care about our product, culture and employees. 

// If you are nothing less than great at your job, we are your next employer.



  1. You consider yourself as a good person
  2. You consider yourself more engineer than coder: you see your job as more than just writing code, rather it is the overall ability to visualize, design, build and maintain complex systems that move you
  3. You are able to understand and communicate thoughts/design/ideas/specs in a unambiguous manner and adjust communication as per the context
  4. You constantly strive to improve yourself and your environment
  5. You learn and grow fast.

<Technology Stack>

  1. You have a strong knowledge of relational database concepts, procedural and object oriented programming is your thing. Bonus points for functional paradigm.
  2. You rule the domain of C#, Transact-SQL, and hopefully JavaScript
  3. Your kingdom is .Net and you rule utilizing technology stack of WCF, MVC, perhaps you even have some devops related experience
  4. You have experience designing and writing Restful services 


  1.  At least two years of experience a.k.a. you call yourself junior no more
  2. Projects to show for it

[Bonus] *not a requirement,

  1. Experience with building highly secure software, especially in the domain of payment card industry
  2. Experience with building social networks
  3. Degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science from a prominent University

[Our Offer]

  1. Above-average salary
  2. High quality work equipment: High-end machine, Big screens, Quality chairs that won’t hurt your back is default
  3. Subsidies for travel expenses
  4. Annual bonus
  5. Close co-operation with the world's largest booking portals such as AirBnB, Booking.com, HomeAway etc …

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