Interview with Henrike Herr of HomeAway: ''BeeRent represents an incredibly strong technical and commercial team''

Jelena Tucić
Interview with Henrike Herr of HomeAway: ''BeeRent represents an incredibly strong technical and commercial team''

BeeRent has successfully hosted three exciting events with the representatives of HomeAway and they have always been an amazing experience.
One of the representatives, Henrike Herr a senior Channel Operations Lead that looks after the HomeAway Software Partners in the Central European Region has been with HomeAway for two years.

Today we wanted to reflect on our years-long cooperation, so we asked Henrike a few questions.

Here's what Henrike Herr had to say about BeeRent

Q: What do you think about the events BeeRent organizes?

A: In our ever more digital world, we form relationships through digital media like email, chat, and phones. To get the chance to meet in person, experience a region and its’ people bring the relationship to another level, it improves communication incredibly and makes our connections more human, which is so important. 

Q: What do you see as a “first sight” benefit for participants (speakers and guests)?

A: It is a fantastic opportunity for us as the guest speakers to inform the audience about our Portal and the products we offer, and how we work together with the Software company to make our mutual partners successful and how to make their lives easier.
For the attendees it’s a great opportunity to ask questions face to face, have some personal dialogue and really be understood, not be pushed for time and also to be able to exchange industry information with their peers.

Q: What do you think about BeeRent and its team?

A: BeeRent is such a fun and friendly bunch, but at the same time, they represent an incredibly strong technical and commercial team, with a deep understanding of the industry. They care about each and every one of their customers and working with them is a privilege. 

Q: Will you participate in any future events?

A: Absolutely, I can’t wait!

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A: Please keep your great work going!

Well, thank you, Henrike of HomeAway for your kind words! This just goes to show what amazing partners we have. BeeRent is so proud to have the opportunity to work with people that have so much love for their jobs and a constant wish to make property management as easy as can be! 

We can't wait for the next time we see each other and host more successful events together. 

Let's connect and grow together!

BeeRent team.