Jelena Tucić

It was in the year 2008 that we built our first villa in central Istria. However, we weren't satisfied with the overall experience that different agencies offered us. Moreover, the guests arrived without proper information about the villas.

In the year 2013, we realized we are self-sufficient to offer our clients with an exceptional vacation and Villsy was born.

Our business has been growing constantly since the day we started renting houses from homeowners. Every home is charming in its own way and offers exclusive benefits to the customers. After thorough evaluation, we have handpicked every villa for our guests. Not only do we take care of your comfort but also offer you the villas at unbelievable prices by eliminating middle men. Every house undergoes a proper inspection to ensure our guests have no trouble staying in them.

Our local support can guide you on the kind of activities you can be a part of during your vacation. Enjoy your holiday and our extravagant villas.