Polo Bbm Agency

Jelena Tucić
Polo Bbm Agency

We are the tourist agency which operates in Medulin since 1989. Our agency was one of the first private tourist firms in our area. We have at our disposal approximately 3000 beds in accommodation in Istria region, and at this moment we are expanding our offer to the other regions of country Croatia.

All our accommodation is categorized as private accommodation, which means apartments of all categories and rooms with proper bathrooms in private houses, then hotels which means hotel rooms and apartments, villas which means modern and luxury house with very nice inside / outside enviroment, then we have mobile homes at camping places and camping plots also, bungalows which means a smaller standalone house for 1 or 2 families surrounded in small area with other bungalows, and we can offer You agrotourism also, if You want to experience the beauty of our croatian regions.

Our accommodation is situated most all over Medulin and the other places in region Istria. That means we could comply with all wishes and requests of our guests, for the desired category, distance from the sea, beach or town-centre, restaurant or the local shop. We could offer you accommodation at exceptionally affordable prices and extra discounts for groups, for longer staying, periodically we have special offers, etc...

Among our services we offer you attractive excursions like visits to national parks, travel to Venice, tours to famous caves etc. Besides the travel agency we have our own accommodation capacity of 40 beds in private apartments. All our apartments are equipped with sattelite TV, Air Condition, completely equipped kitchen, livingroom and bathroom.