BeeRent Platform

BeeRent platform has been developed as a central database with the opportunity to connect its users between themselves and with sales channels, all in one place, helping each other to maximize their sales, improve service quality, and increase income.

The platform has been developed in close co-operation with major sales channels to meet all requirements of those channels.

Our users call BeeRent:
 "Time saver and money generator machine"

Each integration with sales channels is a complete two-way integration, which gives the user opportunity to create the presentation of vacation rental properties in one place, including content (image & tagging, amenities, extra servicies, descriptions, important rental details, area surroundings, discounts and oportunities, rate plans, complex price lists, payment and cancellation policies) based on sales channel requirements, in real time. 

Each verified user gets access to the following modules

  • Account profile and multi user access with defined roles - which enables you to create an individual access for sub-users (reception, maintenance, etc.)
  • Property Management System - which enables a user to create a detailed presentation of its properties
  • Advanced interface for creating dynamic complex pricelists - which dramatically increases sales
  • Innovative single property calendar for maximum availability control
  • Reservation module that provides a detailed view of all reservations with the funcionality to create their own direct, offline-online reservations.
  • Financial filters for better revenue control, check-ins and check-outs.
  • Integrated billing via credit cards.
  • Invoice module for creating and sending invoices.
  • CRM and Notification Module, which allows predefined email and SMS templates to be sent automatically to both owners and guests and also enables monitoring of communication related to all reservations and custom creation of mails and sms messages within the system.
  • A simple B2C website to increase direct sales.