What is BeeRent Pay?


For merchants or resellers

BeeRent Pay is build to support two kind of payments. The first and the most easy one, is to use BeeRent Pay as reseller where BeeRent handles the payment and you get paid after the guest checks out. This model have minor bureaucratic procedure and doesn't need a bank assessment.
For Property Managers who want to have cash flow, they may become merchants. After the request is aproved they will handle the payment process and get paid soon after the guest pays.

When and where to use BeeRent Pay?

This feature is automatically enabled when the BeeRent account is created and can be used for the reservations from one of the following sales channels: Booking.com, HomeAway and Expedia. Likewise, this feature is available for all your direct reservations, whether they are made over your website, e-mail or telephone.

Reservation that are charged automatically

The system will automatically charge reservations from Booking.com, HomeAway and Expedia if you choose so. The guest will be charged base on the policy you set up on booking portals.

Payment details window

Under Payment details you will be able to see all your charged reservations which are paid in full or when they are scheduled for the next billing based on the payment policy you chose on the booking portal.

Notifications after payment

The system will inform you when a payment was or was not successful on e-mail. The guest will also be informed if the payment was unsuccessful and will be asked to insert a new valid credit card.

Payment process for resellers


Payment process for merchant



Price list

Fixed Fee
(optional service)

(optional service)

Premium Plus
(optional service)

2% per reservation +
1€ service fee

0,5% per reservation +
1€ service fee

0,5% + Payment Provider fee +
1€ service fee

Pay-out after check-out

Instant Pay-out

Instant Pay-out