3 New Crazy API functionalities to increase earnings through AirBnB

Silvana Cvek
3 New Crazy API functionalities to increase earnings through AirBnB

Everyone knows who AirBnB is and it's really hard to find a reason way not to host properties on their platform. That being said, within this post I will talk about how to maximize your earnings from your listings on Airbnb by using the new features.

Just to be clear, I'm also an owner of short-term rental apartments and a very happy host to AirBnB guests.

As we all know, AirBnB is a huge company with a great personal approach to each of us as hosts, no matter how many properties we have. Most thrilling is that they are listening to our requests and doing everything they can to provide us the best functionalities needed to increase not only the bookings, but quality of service and revenue.

This last three new functionalities, released last month, promoted AirBnB into one of the world's most innovative API companies, which delighted not only me but all of my colleagues, property management companies and thousands of other hosts across Europe:

1. Season-centric pricing and availability rules through API

  • The first extremely powerful part is Season-centric pricing and availability rules, which provide API hosts the ability to create seasonal rule-sets containing LOS rules, booking window discounts, and seasonal pricing adjustments which dramatically increases sales and gives you the opportunity to earn much more for the same period by activating the dynamic complex price list directly from your PMS or Channel Manager system, such as BeeRent which is completely free PMS & Channel Manager system for each AirBnB Host or Vacation rental property management company who list or want to list their properties on AirBnB.

2. Airbnb Messaging API

  • The second one is AirBnB Messaging API allow hosts to chat with AirBnB guests within their own PMS or Channel Manager system like BeeRent. Access to AirBnB chat directly from your BeeRent account will make it easier to communicate with your guests, responding quickly to any message or booking request. Timelier communications will improve conversion, star ratings, and AirBnB response rates.

3. Listing Management API

  • The third one that gives not only a better result, but also complete control for each API Host is the Listing Management API and the new onboarding flow, launched last month, which enables AirBnB preferred API partners like BeeRent to connect to existing AirBnB accounts and listings. This new flow also enables a new API sync setting that allows hosts to have full control on how they want to manage their listing content, directly through their own BeeRent account (or any other similar software that implemented all this AirBnB endpoints), or directly through AirBnB while syncing complex rates and availability still can be used from the connected BeeRent or any other software through the API.