Introducing the new BeeRent PAY and APPs section with new features

Pol Popović
Introducing the new BeeRent PAY and APPs section with new features

Following our announcement for new features coming in February - We are here to Deliver!

It's our mission here at BeeRent to make your property management business easier so that all of our clients can focus on the most important thing - growing your portfolio while we help you increase your revenue.
BeeRent wants super satisfied property managers and homeowners, so we are bringing you new features that will give you the best user experience and will require far less of your time!

BeeRent's new APPs section

First of all, let us introduce our new automatic payment module - BeeRent Pay

BeeRent Pay is a service that automatically charges your guests credit cards in order to confirm incoming reservations, which makes it a time saving, money making module, perfect for everyone that wants to increase their business!
Reservations can be made directly - through free websites that are created within the BeeRent platform or through worldwide Sales Channels such as, Expedia, HomeAway or even your manually inputted reservations! 

The guest has one only task, to choose the accommodation that fits them perfectly and enjoy! Once the guest chooses one of your accommodation and a policy that suits them best, the BeeRent Pay service will trigger the payment process - it's as simple as that! 
The process of payment is fairly easy, the guest creates a booking and inputs their credit card details, the system will then automatically charge the guests credit card once or multiple times following the payment schedule and predefined policies.
Our automatic payment module eliminates the additional time needed when you have to manually charge the guest, and it makes payments easier for you - the property manager, as well as the traveler. 

How to activate this service?

  1. Install the APP from the APPs section,
  2. Sign and upload the required documents, 
  3. In max 48h you will receive an official confirmation mail of approval. 

After the above points are successfully done, all your reservations coming from, HomeAway or from direct reservations will be automatically processed through the BeeRent Pay service. Details about the process can be found on our Knowledge Base from the BackOffice. 

Still thinking? Here are 5 big reasons why this service is useful:

  1. Guests do not like to leave their credit card information to strangers. With BeeRent Pay they will feel safer because they insert the credit card details only once in their booking portal account. 
  2. BeeRent Pay will do the work for you. Avoid mistakes and forget reminders because the service automatically charges the guest.
  3. BeeRent users have the lowest fees available on the market when charging any credit card. We don't make any difference between the type and location of the guest's credit card. 
  4. You have a direct reservation and now you need a deposit? Create the reservation in BeeRent and send the payment link to the guest. 
  5. Where did you put your notes about payments? Now you may have them all at one place without putting a note. Click on the reservation and see the note if the reservation is paid or not yet. 

Accelerate your business by activating the BeeRent Pay service today!

BeeRent realizes that registering your guests can sometimes be a hassle - that's why, for our Croatian clients, we have added the eVisitor app. 
E-visitor is a unique online system that connects all tourist communities in the Republic of Croatia and provides daily insight into the state of the tourist traffic, an up-to-date database on accommodation facilities and accommodation providers, real-time statistics and better bill control of taxes with the aim of achieving greater revenues in the tourism sector.

All BeeRent users under the Premium Plan, that have at least one property in Croatia, now have the opportunity to connect their property and register their guests with E-visitor system through their account on BeeRent! 

How can you activate this service?

  1. In the APPs section click on Instal eVisitor
  2. insert your credentials to connect with your eVisitor account
  3. Done! In the Reservation section, a new icon will appear under Tools. There you can register your guests

Thanks to this integrated service you don't have to log into eVisitor anymore, you can manage everything from BeeRent. eVisitor can be used by everyone that has properties in Croatia. It's available for Property Managers and homeowners alike!

Reduce time spent in guest registration by activating eVisitor in BeeRent

The SMS notification is not only a very useful service for property managers and private homeowners, but for the travelers as well! 
As part of the BeeRent platform, we have added this service in the APPs section so that you may easily enable or disable the SMS notifications that you receive from BeeRent. 

There is also a possibility for your traveler to receive notifications to their phone. Guest, agency owner or property manager, choose who and when will receive notifications, as well as for which events. 
We have made the activation process very easy, all you have to do is click on the install button and agree to the terms of use - that's it! 
After you activate the service, you can select which Supplier will be informed and which will not about new reservations from the Supplier section. 

Once it's activated, the service automatically sends these notifications to your suppliers: 

  1. Confirmed reservation
  2. Modified reservation and
  3. Canceled reservations

There is also a possibility for you to add a new SMS notification if it's needed! Contact our customer support at for more details. 

Inform your suppliers or yourself in time by activating the SMS notification!