New and updated features - starting today!

Jelena Tucić
New and updated features - starting today!

We have listened carefully to your suggestions, and have been working tirelessly to develop highly requested features that will be available for you starting today! These new modules are very useful, both for smaller property owners and bigger travel agencies. 

Following the newest trends, starting today, the new and updated features available for you include:

Weekly prices

Most would say that the prices section is the most sensitive section in any accommodation unit, but this is not the case in BeeRent! Starting today, BeeRent changes its price calculation type feature for some sales channels, such as and the Standard price list.  These channels previously required daily prices for the ''Per Week Per Room'' price calculation type, but starting today users will enter weekly prices for these channels too!

As for the users that already have existing accommodation units with defined daily prices for the ''Per Week Per Room'' model, the BeeRent team will multiply the prices by seven and enter the weekly prices for the above-mentioned sales channels. Remember to enter all weekly prices in the future, and from now on only focus on easily renting you accommodation units on different sales channels with this updated feature.

Rate Plans

Different rate plans can be chosen when entering the prices in the BeeRent platform, and starting today the Rate Plans option will be added as a new section on the home page of the BeeRent platform. This option where you can activate special rate plans besides the default stardard rate plan is available to all users in the next 30 day period, and will later be available only to Premium and Premium Plus users

Group calendar view

Searching for available properties has never been easier! With the Group calendar view, in the ''Reservations'' section of the BeeRent platform, you may now see the current availability, the past, as well as the future availability of your accommodation unit all in one calendar! The calendar allows you to easily keep track of your accommodations, as well as avoid holes between reservations. 

This new feature will also bring the ''Ignore restriction'' option. The user will be able to search and later book accommodation units that may have been hidden because of some search restrictions in the initial search. 

The Group Calendar view is much less time consuming for managing availability for all your accommodation units in one place, and is available starting today for all users in the next 30 day period, after which it will be available only to Premium and Premium Plus users.

Copy Season Pricelist

This new, highly requested feature will save a great amount of time for all users! In the prices section, next to the option of adding a new season of prices, is a new option that allows you to easily copy season pricelists to a new year. This is by far the fastest way to enter prices, and also offers many helpful options such as: 

  • From year to year - the ability to choose from which past year you wish to copy prices to the following year. 
  • Price difference - some may wish to change the prices but not the seasons from the previous year, this field gives the option of entering a price difference percentage for which you wish to raise or lower the basic price.
  • Preserve day of week (sat-sat) - marking this option will result in the preservation of the day from the previous year, not necessarily the date. 
  • Copy all prices vertically - the easiest option to enter prices for all sales channels at once
  • Close all availability on new dates - this option will automatically close the calendar for the new periods created when copied. 

The Copy Season Price list option will be available to all users in the next 30 day, after this period of time it will only be available to Premium and Premium Plus users

Different price on days 

Creating a season price list just became a lot easier! From now on users have the ability to create a season, set the basic price for all days, and then change the price for particular days in that season. In the ''Season'' options section, in the ''different price on days'' option, the user can choose one or more days to increase or decrease the price for in percentage. This is a great opportunity for users that practice different prices for weekdays and weekends, but do not wish to create separate seasons for each week. 

The Different price on days option will be available to all users in the next 30 day, after this period of time it will only be available to Premium and Premium Plus users

Clone your property

One more useful feature has been added in this upgrade and is available from today. Clone property! This option can be used to clone an entire property or can be used to create a property with the ability to choose which data should be cloned from the selected property. Imagine how much time you can save when you can create identical properties in BeeRent. You can choose one or more data to be cloned from this list:

  • Basic property data
  • Rooms configuration
  • Amenities & extras
  • Surroundings
  • Opportunities
  • Prices

The Clone Property feature will be available to all users in the next 30 day, after this period of time it will only be available to Premium and Premium Plus users

Make a booking ignoring the restrictions

We added a new possibility when you want to make a direct reservation from the BeeRent platform. Now you can search properties ignoring their restrictions and confirm the booking no matter the restriction. 

For example, if the property has a restriction with the minimum stay of 7 days but no matter that restriction, you want to confirm the booking for 6 nights. You can do that now, without changing the restriction under Prices -> season options.

Editable Account setting information

Now you are able to edit all Tabs in the Account settings section.

To learn more about using the BeeRent platform, and read in detail where to find and how to use these new features on our Knowledge Base page:


Our biggest goal is to provide our users with the best possible features on our platform, as well as the fastest and easiest way to manage properties. Let us do most of the work for you and enjoy all the new possibilities we bring you with this update and many more to come!

The BeeRent team.