recommends BeeRent as one of the leading Premier Connectivity Partners!

Jelena Tucić recommends BeeRent as one of the leading Premier Connectivity Partners!

We are very proud to say that is recommending BeeRent as their Premier Connectivity Partner on the Marketplace. 

BeeRent is PCI DSS SaQ-D compliant and one of the first global channel managers that have built a two-way integration with and has been awarded with a Premier Connectivity Partner status.

There are a few options to easily establish the connection to BeeRent through's extranet. The first option is to connect to your already existing channel manager, the second option is to find a new channel manager, or to switch from an existing channel manager to a new one. Switching to the BeeRent channel managers takes minutes, not days. Getting properties connected fast improves the onboarding process and enables the user to start benefiting from the connection immediately.

What makes BeeRent the best choice for you?

Why connect or switch to BeeRent? 

BeeRent has the Premier Connectivity Partner status, which is the highest level of partnership with API partners, and is in the top 50 out of 6000+ worldwide connections on the marketplace! constantly rates the connection quality of its channel managers, this rating indicates how fast BeeRent accepts and sets up a new connection, how quickly we check for new reservations from and the overall connection quality and reliability. This means that you will always be up to date with the connection quality of our channel manager, and that we strive to bring the best possible features for you every day!

BeeRent also offers you a full connection by having a wide range of helpful features clients are able to integrate with the channel manager, such as:

  • Reservations, rates, and availability - by selecting this feature the client can manage reservations, rates and the availability of the property.
  • Content and photos - this feature allows the client to manage property photos, facilities, policies, contact details as well as room types, sizes, and photos. 

What are the main benefits of establishing the connection between and BeeRent channel manager?

  1. New Content API - With this feature, you can easily add and change multiple and single property information to be viewable on
  2. Two-way connection - here you can define a set of policies, rooms or rates, and then combine those into a sellable product, all from your BeeRent account!
  3. Derived prices & LOS pricing - This feature helps you maximize your revenue by making the property visible in different search options on the platform. It also ensures that the potential guests see the most attractive prices.
  4. Open-Close Properties - You can easily open and close properties as well as handle multiple properties at once.
  5. Complete Reservation Details - this feature gives your properties more details about each reservation.
  6. Unlimited Rooms-Rates and Policies - With BeeRent all active rates, room types, and policies are pulled, ensuring complete mapping and no missed opportunities. 
  7. Syncs all existing and upcoming reservations - This ensures a simple, straightforward onboarding process, and helps avoid any possible overbookings, customer service issues, and misunderstandings.
  8. Retrieval time is 100% - Retrieval time between BeeRent and system is 100%. 
  9. Integrated and support Reporting API - BeeRent will allow your properties to report crucial reservation information and adjustments to the portal.
  10. BeeRent is PCI DSS compliant - PCI compliance enables BeeRent to receive and send credit card details from the system to its users.

We invite you to start renting your accommodation on, and establish the connection to the BeeRent channel manager to increase your sales today! This process is fast and easy and our customer support agents are happy to help with any needed information. Contact us by sending us an email on or via live chat. 

If you already have created properties in BeeRent and wish to connect them to click on the link below:   


If you wish to create new properties in the BeeRent platform and connect to click on the link below:


The BeeRent team.