& BeeRent: Premier Connectivity Partners with a higher score than ever

Jelena Tucić & BeeRent: Premier Connectivity Partners with a higher score than ever

BeeRent has been awarded the Premier status in's Conectivity Partner Programme for the first time in 2017.
This year we have reached the highest Connectivity Score yet with

A whopping 99.64%!

Our Premier status is getting stronger by the day which also means a higer ranking on Booking com for you!
So, connect your account to today:

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Here's why BeeRent should be your preferred choice

  • Two-way connection - Edit every last detail in your BeeRent account, define policies, rooms and rates and it will all automatically be copied to
  • Our platform offers complete content sync - you can easily sync everything to, including reservations, rates, availability and complete content such as photos and descriptions
  • Fast calendar managing - easily open or close your unit's calendar, create new reservations or see the details of existing ones and avoid overbookings
  • BeeRent Pay module - our optional service that allows you to charge your reservations with the lowest fees possible's Connectivity Partner Programme serves to drive businesses and, most importantly, deliver the highest quality of features to you. 

The programme has three levels that can be achieved by earning points. evaluates their partners on four categories that indicate performance in different business areas: 

  1. Business Value 
  2. Property Performance 
  3. Products & Quality 
  4. Engagement 

In each category, there are multiple elements that measure the overall connection quality and reliability. Between the three partner levels: Standard, Advanced and Premier, BeeRent is awarded the highest one - Premier, which puts us on the list of top-performing channel managers.

The biggest objective is to make it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your rental business. A selection of recommended channel managers that offer a high-quality service to properties makes your search effortless.
BeeRent is in the top 50 out of 6000+ worldwide connections on this carefully constructed list.

We are very proud to be a part of the Connectivity Partner Programme for over two years now and hope to always give you the best features. 
Let's get to the top of the list together!

The BeeRent team.