Airbnb, a simple and secure way to rent accommodation and increase your sales today!

Jelena Tucić
Airbnb, a simple and secure way to rent accommodation and increase your sales today!

Are you a property manager or a property owner interested in widening your business and increasing the sales of your accommodation? 
We invite you to connect to Airbnb through BeeRent, and make the first step to reaching more travelers around the world!

BeeRent is one of the first companies in Europe that had gained Airbnb's trust, and the first one to achieve a direct connection with Airbnb. In all of this time, we have had great cooperation, especially this year! In 2018 Airbnb and BeeRent have co-hosted and participated in 8 different innovative seminars together!

BeeRent gives you the opportunity to connect to one of the leading sales channels across the world, since Airbnb was founded in 2008 there have been more than 400 million guest arrivals at Airbnb listings.
Today, more than 5 million active Airbnb listings are available across 191 countries, including 81,000 cities all over the world!

Why should you choose Airbnb as your sales channel?

  • No matter what kind of accommodation you wish to share with your guests, Airbnb makes it simple and secure for you to rent your properties. 
  • Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, which comes with great responsibility for the traveler as well as the host. To keep you, your home and your belongings safe, Airbnb provides a $1 million dollar Host Guarantee covering property damage and Host Protection Insurance for liability.
  • You are in total control, choose your own schedule, prices, house rules that guests must agree to, and how you interact with the travelers. 
  • Airbnb allows you to set strict requirements for who can book your accommodation, and helps you get to know guests before their stay.
  • All properties must meet minimum requirements to help create comfortable and reliable stays for guests. After each stay guests are asked to review their check-in experience, as a host, you’ll have an opportunity to rate guests too–on their cleanliness, courteousness, and communication.
  • The support team is here for you day or night, and you can contact them from anywhere in the world, so there is no need to worry, Airbnb has your back! 

How can BeeRent help you manage your Airbnb account and why should you choose us?

BeeRent Channel Manager is here to give you the best possible features and to create the easiest way to manage all your properties from one place!  With our platform you are able to connect and import all your units to Airbnb in just a few easy steps:

  1. Create your property listings in BeeRent
  2. Connect your BeeRent profile to your Airbnb profile
  3. If the units you wish to connect already exist on Airbnb, you can easily map them and set the sync settings 
  4. If you wish to list your units on Airbnb for the first time, BeeRent will automatically create the listings on the Airbnb sales channel for you!

There are two sync options you can choose from:

  • The first option ''Sync Everything'' gives you the opportunity to manage everything through BeeRent, that includes: different rates, availability and reservations, descriptions, photos, and content.
  • The second option ''Sync Limited'' will map your listings to Airbnb and sync rates and availability from BeeRent, but descriptions, photos, availability is still edited on Airbnb

You can also very easily toggle your sync settings at any given moment from Sync Everything to Sync Limited and vice-versa.

All you need to do after your properties have been successfully connected is sit back and relax because now you can manage everything from your BeeRent Channel Manager account! This is a great time saver as any changes made in BeeRent to the listing data will be automatically reflected to Airbnb. There is no more need to stress over managing many different accommodation channels, let us do most of the work for you!

Be a part of a vibrant, meaningful community of homeowners and travelers who enjoy the gift of traveling and hosting this sales channel provides by connecting to Airbnb today. The connection process is fast and gives you the opportunity to manage your reservations, availabilities, content and more, all in one place!

Feel free to contact our kind support team at, or via live chat for any help needed.

The BeeRent team.