Be a part of our BeeRent - HomeAway Workshop!

Jelena Tucić
Be a part of our BeeRent - HomeAway Workshop!

What is the main goal of this workshop?

The purpose and goal of this workshop is for us to meet and greet different tourist agencies, and for you to get to know us a little better through conversation and lectures. 

In the first part of the workshop you get the chance to hear a little about us:

  • What is HomeAway and how it stands out from all other sales channels
  • What are the benefits for travel agencies that want to advertise on HomeAway group portals
  • How can BeeRent help tourist agencies that advertise on sales channels 
  • Latest statistics and results of HomeAway group and from BeeRent Channel Manager

The second part of the workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to ask us questions:

  • Tourist agencies have a chance to book a meeting with HomeAway representatives, have a short but constructive conversation, ask questions, and learn more about BeeRent Channel Manager.
  • The meetings will last from 10 to 15 minutes, both HomeAway and BeeRent will have three tables each where the meetings will be held. Before the Workshop starts we will contact clients that have arranged a meeting to notify them at what time is their meeting scheduled.
  • This is a unique chance for all tourist agencies to arrange a personal and completely private meeting with the representatives of the HomeAway Group or BeeRent team. 

We are very excited to announce our speakers: 

                                                   HomeAway team:

         Henrike Herr                            Carly Weber                        Laura Stein  
  Software Partnership                     Key Account                     Partner Success 
             Manager                                  Manager                      Account Manager

                                                     BeeRent team:

          Pol Popović                            Katja Perica                        Dušan Poropat 
Product & Sales Manager           Account Manager                Account Manager

When and where?

The workshop will be held in Rovinj at Hotel Monte Mulini from 14:00h to 16:00h on the 05th of October 2018. The workshop will consist of a lecture and personal meetings. Between those, we will have a coffee or tea break where we can exchange thoughts and experiences. 

Arrange a meeting with the representatives of BeeRent and HomeAway team:

Find out what are the benefits of using BeeRent as a Channel Manager and see real examples of how BeeRent helps clients from all over Europe!
Book your place and term for a chance to have a private conversation with the BeeRent team and representatives of HomeAway by clicking on the LINK below:


BeeRent team.