Meet our exclusive new partner: RedAwning Group!

Jelena Tucić
Meet our exclusive new partner: RedAwning Group!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now fully integrated with RedAwning Group, the only full-service global marketing engine in the world.
RedAwning Group is one of the leading, most powerful, one-stop solution for distribution, marketing, and reservations, and it continues to expand on being the broadest single point of access to the largest network in the world for alternative lodging and is the leading supplier of vacation rentals to every major online travel booking website.

BeeRent is very proud to have made a connection with a group whose mission is to redefine vacation hospitality by combining the ease, trust, consistency, service, and benefits of a hotel stay with the extraordinary diversity and value of vacation properties to improve the experience for both guests and property managers.

We are inviting you to connect to RedAwning - the largest branded collection of vacation properties in the world

BeeRent is excited to announce that you can now connect your BeeRent account to the RedAwning Group, that includes these channels as well: RedAwningChoice Hotels, GlampingHub, Tripping, TripAdvisor, Holidu, HomeToGo, Perfect Places, TravelProRentals and LeaveTown.

Take this perfect opportunity to market your properties on a variety of globally well-known sites and widen you business by reaching out to more guests every day!

What are the benefits RedAwning offers for you as a BeeRent client?

  • First of all, you can reach millions of guests searching for vacation rental properties on all the world's leading websites, such as Google and eBay
  • A consistent, post-connectivity optimization is done for all of your listings on all sales channels, including photo optimizing, tagging, and merchandising for a better reach and higher score of your properties. Dynamic, data-led online channel and digital marketing strategies save you time while boosting your bookings. 
  • A big plus is the implementation of promotions on all major travel websites for driving bookings during low seasons, this way you can get more revenue throughout the whole year!
  • RedAwning has a dedicated market management, performance and revenue teams that will monitor your listing and help you assure your best performance. A guest support and communication team is also available to you 24/7 to take care of all the time-consuming reservation services and payment processing on each sales channel, including inquiries, credit card declines, double-bookings, relocation and refunds.
  • A kind guest satisfaction coordinator is there to respond to reviews on all channels and troubleshoot any potential issues to ensure everything is running smoothly! This full-service solution helps you recover lost bookings and revenue and fosters trust with guests, repeat bookings, and confidence in the process, that benefits you! 
  • To make your managing job even easier, RedAwning has developed an app, for both managers and guests alike, to create bookings on all devices. 

Turbo boost your BeeRent bookings!

RedAwning supports both smaller private properties and bigger, multi-unit property managers to provide the maximum exposure needed for all properties alike. Give your property’s units maximum traveler reach, with instant bookability, and higher conversion rates! You get more exposure, with one centralized service. No other channels, dashboards or spreadsheets to manage. And there’s no time-consuming, employee-heavy reservation processing.

RedAwning is the # 1 supplier to the world’s major online marketplaces — their size and scale give them the scope to learn what works best on each channel and apply that to your account for best returns. Today, RedAwning Group is the only provider that offers service and support at this level. Their property managers grow at twice the industry rate for bookings and revenue.

By connecting your BeeRent account to RedAwning you get all of these great features and more! Together we can save you valuable time, and not to mention money, by helping you manage all your accommodation on only one platform that offers so many benefits!

So, use this great opportunity to join the largest full-service distribution, marketing, and reservations network in the world, and start this travel season in the best way possible! 

Start your connection process today by filling out the form on the link below:


The BeeRent team.