Tailor your prices perfectly for 2021. with these optimization tricks!

Jelena Tucić
Tailor your prices perfectly for 2021. with these optimization tricks!

Trust us - It’s never too early to start optimizing listings for the new season! The 2021 season is not so far away and today, BeeRent is here to help you set quality structured price-lists that are tailored to every sales channel during this COVID time.

Research is the base of every successful business

To get the insight of current accommodation trends and pricing it’s best to do some valuable research of your surroundings, most of all, your competitors. Take a good look at accommodation in your area and consider your competitors prices when forming your own to get the most popular results.

Smart Rate Plans for easy sales

Before creating multiple price-lists for your direct sales as well as sales through channels, it's very important to create also Flexible Rate Plans. BeeRent's users can set up multiple rate plans to get the most out of their prices. Give your guests a chance to choose which plan suits them best. Some may want to be Flexible and have the possibility of cancelling, others may wish to pay less with the Non-refundable plan, it's all up to them!

Here is an example of how a thoughtfully made price-list with a variety of rate plans looks on Booking.com

How to get more profit by optimizing prices:

  • Before we start creating prices, let's use some smart settings. BeeRent has the option of calculating your prices by the rate plans you have previously created. We recommend you use the Calculate prices verticaly using rateplan preferences setting, so that your prices are calculated for all sales channels accordinlgy.
  • The smartest way to start creating prices is by opening a variety of seasons or terms. Your price-list will have more quality and visibility on sales channels. It will also give you the chance to set up different prices for different seasons.
  • Using smart restrictions can make your accommodation more desireable. Lower your restrictions in pre and post-seasons to meet the trend of short vacations and weekend vacations. 
  • Another way to get more bookings is to use as many discount and opportunities as you can. Set an opportunity for a term that was not booked with a regular price and get a reservation easily, or use a long-stay discount to reward guests staying more than just a few days with a lower price! In our Discounts and Opportunities section, you can choose as many discounts for as many terms as you wish, here is an example of how a discount would look on Airbnb:


  • BeeRent also offers you a chance to set up prices according to the number of guests staying in the accommodation. Children can pay less, or you can set a lower price for a bigger gorup of people, total contorl is in your hands!
  • Your listing's preview is very important because it draws guests to further explore. Make your prices appear the same on all connected sales channels, rather than have different fees. Having same prices on all channels gives the guest a sense of security.

We hope our tips&tricks have helped you, and that your optimization process goes smoothly. Get more bookings and have a great 2021 season!

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