Connect to Expedia Group and showcase your accommodation around the world!

Jelena Tucić
Connect to Expedia Group and showcase your accommodation around the world!

Get ready to showcase your accommodation all around the world with BeeRent's partner, Expedia Group

With more than 200+ travel booking sites in more than 70 countries, Expedia Group is the world's travel platform! Supplying more than a million properties to their users, Expedia's purpose is to bring the world within reach.

To start your connection process to Expedia  right away send us a request:

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Save up to 90% of your time by connecting through BeeRent

BeeRent always tries to provide you with the fastest connections to our sales channels, and Expedia is no exception. By connecting through BeeRent you have the opportunity to save precious time when managing properties. All your accommodation can be managed from one platform, there's no more need to jump from channel to channel! BeeRent will update your details and keep your calendar in sync with Expedia at all times.

This is exceptionally useful when renting on a portal such as Expedia that has a wide variety of sub-portals, such as Hotels.comTrivagoOrbitzTravelocityEgenciaHotwire and many, many more. 

More revenue with efficient listing management 

More reservations mean higher revenue, and what a better way to earn more than through instant booking. BeeRent gives you this amazing feature that eliminates the waiting time for the traveler and makes your listing more desirable!

With BeeRent's Premium Subscription Plans we offer you a variety of rate plans, advanced pricing lists as well as custom email and SMS notifications to always keep your travelers up to date.  

Get the opportunity for automatic payment on Expedia!

Our payment service, BeeRent PAY gives you the chance to automatically charge your guests credit cards - it's a service that thinks and works for you! This automatic module eliminates the additional time needed when manually charging the guest while keeping them safe and protected. Control all your payments on Expedia by activating the BeeRent Pay service today:

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BeeRent's cooperation with Expedia Group strives to create the best possible user experience with very little time consumption. We try to make sure you have the easiest connection process when activating a new sales channel so that you can start renting as soon as possible! So, start your connection process to Expedia today and make your accommodation visible to millions!