What are "cookies"?

Most websites store a small amount of information about your activity on their pages. This information is stored in the form of a small text file known as cookie. Activity information is stored locally on your computer.

Beerent B.V., Olympisch Stadion 24, 28, 1076DE Amsterdam, Netherlands as a legal owner of beerent.com also uses cookies. They serve to make the website work optimally and to enhance your browsing and use experience. By visiting and using this website, you agree to use cookies. Cookies can also be blocked which implies that you will still be able to view the webpage but some features will not be available.

Information beerent.com collects using cookies are used exclusively for:

No personal user data is collected.

Beerent B.V., Olympisch Stadion 24, 28, 1076DE Amsterdam, Netherlands (beerent.com) is not responsible for the data manipulation of third party modules. By agreeing to use the website you agree to these terms.

Disabling cookies

You can decide whether you want cookies on your computer, but the page will work optimally only with all the cookies enabled. The cookie settings can be controlled and changed in your web browser settings.

Select the web browser you are using for information about how to change the cookie settings.

If you turn cookies off, this may result in disabling some of the web site features.

If you have any complaints please send an e-mail to customerservice@beerent.com.