The seminars in Dalmatia, hosted by HomeAway and BeeRent were a huge success - thanks to you!

Jelena Tucić
The seminars in Dalmatia, hosted by HomeAway and BeeRent were a huge success - thanks to you!

For the first time in Dalmatia, HomeAway and BeeRent had joined forces to bring you very educative and interactive seminars! 
We have taken the past weekend as an opportunity to travel from Zadar to Split to meet you - our loyal clients and share some interesting tips & tricks amongst us.

The BeeRent company has introduced itself as a team of 32 professionals with more than 20 years of experience in tourism, and we presented our platform as a central database with a decentralized distribution network.

Summed up, BeeRent is an easy solution perfect for all property managers, travel agencies and private owners that helps you save time and money!

The BeeRent platform is one of the fastest growing channel managers and PMS systems in Europe and here's how we managed that: 

  • We offer a connection to all the leading sales channels through only one system
  • All of the client's accommodations are managed in only one place, including prices, availability, complete content and the direct reservations as well as reservations received from a sales channel
  • The client has the opportunity to automatically charge reservations through our BeeRent PAY module safely and easily
  • The platform offers a very user-friendly overview of all accommodation units, and the client also gets a free personal website with a search engine

BeeRent has gained more than 10.000 active accommodation in Croatia in just a year by being recommended by all major sales channels, by creating an innovative export & import API connection, and most importantly, by hosting educational seminars for you participate in.
The opportunity to meet all of you, talk and make jokes together is what we enjoy the most in our seminars, and these ones were no exception! You made us feel so welcome and with a constant connection to all of you, we were able to create such a relaxing atmosphere while answering important questions about the travel industry.

So, thank you Dalmatia for your hospitality! This was a wonderful experience and we will be more than happy to visit you again as soon as possible!

When we say we build a real relationship full of trust, which is our precondition for partnership, we really mean it. We think of our partners as closest allies, and our seminars with the representatives of HomeAway, Henrike Herr and Alex Bufton, had shown what HomeAway can offer you, and if you wish to start listing right away click here.

''BeeRent is such a fun and friendly bunch, but at the same time they represent an incredibly strong technical and commercial team, with a deep understanding of the industry.''
Henrike Herr, senior Channel Operations Lead

Here's what the HomeAway speakers said on how to be successful when listing accommodation?

As a part of the Expedia Group, HomeAway is one of the world leaders in holiday rentals, with offices in 26 locations worldwide, 50+ global sites in 23 languages, offering more than 2 million unique places to stay in 190 countries. 

There are many reasons to list your accommodation on HomeAway, and here are their biggest strengths:

  • The most important thing is to know your traveler, and HomeAway does that for you! They collect statistics and analyze the travelers to put them in specific groups so that you can specifically target them, they also give you advice on how to attract a certain ''Traveller Profile''.
  • Trust and security in today's online world is a must, and HomeAway has proven to be in the top of this field by receiving a variety of awards that support their claim
  • Numbers and facts are used for getting the best possible experience for the traveler as well as the client, HomeAway constantly does tests with real travelers to provide a better user experience and optimize their site and the booking process. 
  • Last but not least, HomeAway takes marketing very seriously, with Expedia investing $5.3 billion on marketing in 2017 they are striving to raise awareness and grow with every coming year. 

HomeAway team's motive is to help optimize partners performance by matching the right traveler with the right property. This is why HomeAway has a ranking system that looks at all the properties in a specific area, comparing amenities, the number of bedrooms, location, reviews, and other criteria, all to give your property the best place in the search results.

Alex Bufton, part of the Partner Success Account Management Team, talked about the 4 pillars that create a successful HomeAway listing, and if you do everything right, your conversion can change up to 80%!

Here are the ''big 4'': 

  1. Great content - Gorgeous pictures, luxurious amenities, and an eye-popping title. This is the unique content that brings your properties to life for travelers. Another important type of content is amenities. We make it easy for you to enter and manage amenities by optimizing your listings in the BeeRent Software.
  2. Accept and honor bookings - BeeRent understands that accepting and honoring bookings makes the travelers feel confident and secure, and because of that automatically ensures that you have Instant Booking, which is the best way to offer the traveler confidence. 
  3. Consistent and competitive rates - Consistent prices are your ticket to getting more bookings, this means offering exceptional value and competitive prices of your properties. 
  4. Excellent feedback - Reviews drive bookings, even having just ONE positive review increases your chance of receiving a booking by more than 40%! We understand the importance of reviews, so reviews are a huge area of investment for HomeAway. 

If you have any unresolved questions regarding HomeAway fell free to visit their Help Page.
BeeRent & HomeAway have an intensive collaboration that strives to constantly improve the integration and functionality, with the goal of making property management as easy as possible for you! In 2018 BeeRent has received an award from HomeAway for a certified and recommended two-way connection, but we will not stop there, we have many joint performance goals for the future!

We want to give a big thank you to the HomeAway speakers for joining us once more to bring you such interesting and educational events that help both us, as partners, and you, as clients to improve business and increase revenue.

It was very nice to see the smiling faces of people who are engaged in tourism and really try to offer their guests a complete travel experience, we can proudly say that our audience was attentive, interactive and very interested in what we talked about and that made us so happy - thank you!

The BeeRent team.

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