Update news 14.11.2017

Pol Popović

Dear Users,

Today we are publishing new features planned for the past two months. Below you can find their list with explanations:

1. Booking.com content upgrade

  • New content elements of BeeRent are now mapped with Booking.com. The new upgrade sets BeeRent as the Premier Partner in 2017. 
  • For more info check our related post

2. Airbnb API upgrade

  • From now on instead of creating a new profile on AirBnB, you can connect your existing AirBnB to BeeRent account.

3. Add and link Suppliers with Properties

  • Once you create a property under section "general" you can link the property to a specific Supplier/Owner. You can add, change or remove a Supplier from Property section. 

4. Add, edit or remove rooms in Property details

  • In Property > Details: you can easily edit, add or remove any of the rooms. We have also changed the look of the rooms visibility. 

5. New registration procedure and verification

  • We understand that filling the phone number field in the registration form sometimes created problems, since the format of the number was not specified. Now it's more understandable to insert the number and in that way we have avoided the problem of not receiving the verification code. 

6. Security upgrades 

  • We have implemented new measures following the PCI standards to protect user data as the safety of your data is one of our main concerns. We will continue to monitor and implement new features in order to maintain highest security standard.

7. New price options

  • One of most important upgrades is that you can mark specific days for check-in and check-out. 
  • You can allow or disallow same day check-in.
  • Setup minimum number of days between last check out and next check in.

8. I-cal link available in Properties section

  • In Properties > Detail: Info - you can find the I-cal LINK of the property and paste it to any booking portal that accepts i-cal. 

9. Property landing page available:

  • At the same place as i-cal, from now on, the LINK for every property landing page is available. Use this LINK to make direct bookings or to send an offer to your guests. 

You can find all the described details with additional information in our presentation here: Upgrade presentation