Unbelievable! Over 50 new vacation rental companies join BeeRent in less than a month

Silvana Cvek
Unbelievable! Over 50 new vacation rental companies join BeeRent in less than a month

It's amazing that without any particular marketing, allmost every day more than 100 new users have registered to BeeRent and have started connecting with all the largest portals like Booking.com, AirbnbHomeAway, and 50+ other portals with instant booking process completely free of charge.

In less than a month BeeRent also welcomed over 50 Vacation Rental management companies by which BeeRent has been recommended from the largest sales channels that are partners of the platform.

BeeRent community grows so fast, which is amazing, how many people are ready to connect and work together, to make changes by opening their door to the global market and launching an online booking process where guests are reserving their properties instantly and they are increasingly working on the quality of their service and guest experience.

This is actually why we all strive and work hard, as guests are no longer looking only for a bed, they have that at home or anywhere else, experience and unforgettable moments is what they are looking for!

While BeeRent automates the complete business of every user who rent properties through the platform it allows not only a drastic increase in the number of reservations but also provides the personal touch within the platform, between the guest and the property owner/manager and gives more time to prepare everything that guests needs to enjoy his accommodation and in what the destination can offer.

BeeRent team helps its users with a number of useful tips, step by step user guides, in person consulting for everyone, from the smallest Property Manager to the largest Vacation Rental Company to create a quality presentation that flows into the unforgettable experience of their guests.

"Little things make all the difference!"

Connecting users within a particular destination is just the beginning of creating something great, recognizable and unique. Like when you work on creating a team within a successful global company, where every new idea and suggestion means a lot and helps for the continuous growth and success.

Beerent is built
from property owners for property owners
from vacation rental company for vacation rental companies

If you are a property owner, a vacation rental company or you know someone who would use and benefit from BeeRent which is completely free of any charges, please share this post because we can only help each other if we all join and recommend good and usful information that make's our life easier and creates a better tomorrow.

You can also download below, the first version of the basic modules and functionalities described in detail in the Step by Step BeeRent user guide.