Grow your rental business with E-domizil!

Jelena Tucić
Grow your rental business with E-domizil!

E-domizil is one of the leading vacation and holiday home sites in the world. Founded in 2000, and based in Frankfurt, Germany, E-domizil offers more than 450.000 properties to travelers and a great chance for property managers and owners to expand their reach. 

Today renters have a chance to advertise their accommodation units in more than 80 countries around the world! Some of the most popular countries on e-domizil include Croatia, Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Bulgaria and many more.

No matter what kind of accommodation you wish to share with your guests; ski lodges in the well-known resorts of the Alps for a winter holiday, cabins, cottages, a villa on the lakeside or a summer house by the beach, e-domizil makes listing easy! 

BeeRent invites you to connect to E-domizil, a choice listing site for property managers and owners alike! 

With an average score of 4.3 out of 5 and more than 761444 customer reviews, you are guaranteed to reach more travelers and increase your business. 

One of e-domizil's objectives is to become a leading supplier in Europe and make it easy for travelers to search and book holiday homes and apartments that match their unique travel needs and vacation budget. For you, this means attracting more people who prefer character, privacy, space, and a variety of amenities as well as a larger audience of families and group travelers. 

The most important thing on e-domizil's vacation rental listings is accuracy, people want to find exactly what they expected when they arrive, this is why e-domizil reviews every listing in addition to the renters' reviews. 
Additionally, when people are booking vacations online, they don't like to wait a day or two for a booking confirmation from the owner, and this is why instant booking is increasing in popularity. BeeRent also offers you instant booking by connecting to the E-domizil sales channel. 

E-domizil offers different ways for guests to easily find your accommodation units on their site: 

  • The Quick Search gives the opportunity for your accommodation to be found by searching a particular region or town, and by entering the desired travel period your property, available in this travel period, can be easily found.  
  • With the Object Search, the guests have the opportunity to search for the object number of your property. The object number can be found in the property description which makes it easier for the guests to recover your property at any given time.
  • The Extended Search option allows guests to find your accommodation by entering specific amenities they are interested in.
  • E-domizil also recommends holiday homes and apartments to guests, which helps guests find your properties very quickly!

All these great opportunities can be achieved by connecting your BeeRent account to e-domizil today!

The connection process can be done in just a few easy steps, once you have created your property listings in BeeRent, connect your E-domizil account to BeeRent and complete the quick synchronization process. Now, you can manage all your connected properties through the BeeRent Channel Manager! All changes made in BeeRent to your listing data will automatically be reflected to your e-domizil listings.

BeeRent offers you the opportunity to manage your reservations, availabilities, content and more, all in one place! This means more free time and less stress for you!

Feel free to contact our kind support team at, or via live chat for any help needed, and connect with E-domizil today! 

The BeeRent team.