Activate your beautiful personal website for free!

Pol Popović
Activate your beautiful personal website for free!

With the goal to give only the best to tourist agencies and property owners, we give you a simpler and smarter website that offers you a growth in income. 

As you won't have the need to take care of your website, you also won't have the need to worry about updating, upgrading or the design of the page because in every moment our dedicated team is following new world trends and doing the work for you. That way, you will be able to save time and still be one step ahead of everybody else. 

We did everything we could to bring you a totally new, professional and functional website for direct reservations without any fees and in that way avoid high commissions. There is no need for any installation or complicated activation, all you need to do is have a personal BeeRent account and input your accommodation units. After the activation of your account on our platform, BeeRent automatically creates websites and their links, and you can find them in every object or accommodation unit.  

  Key features:

  • Modern and professional website
  • Simplicity (guests can reserve their accommodation in only 3 easy steps) 
  • Reservation interface for all kind of reservations    
  • Notification by e-mail and SMS 
  • The possibility of charging the reservation with BeePay 

Where can you find your website links?

Every object or accommodation unit has their own direct link. You can find them in the section: Objects -> General 

How does it work?

When a guest visits your website and selects any available accommodation, fills out the needed information and confirms the reservation, BeeRent will automatically inform you that there is a new reservation.  

If you want to charge a certain amount at the moment of reservation (which we certainly recommend) is up to you. You can send payment instructions to the guest according to your payment policies and the cancellation policy via the beePay service from the "Reservations" interface within BeeRent. Thanks to BeePay, after you've sent the payment instructions to the guest, as soon as the guest makes the payment you can send them the reservation confirmation. 

If you want to activate the BeePay service, visit our beePay site to know how

Plans for a new version...

We strive to improve the version of our website service with more useful options every day. The current version that we offer is a BETA version, but in just a few more months, after testing, we will launch two new versions, BASIC and PREMIUM, with the ability of searching, setting up your own domain, as well as multilingual pages.  

We are confident that all of your digression will be gradually carried into effect in order to reach all of your desired goals and justify the trust you provide us. For any questions, feel free to contact our customer support via online chat or e-mail:

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