How to revive the tourist sector with the vacation rental!?

Ivan Cvek
How to revive the tourist sector with the vacation rental!?

The industry of short rents has undergone unprecedented growth and evolution in the recent years, shaking from the foundations a sector already rooted on the Mediterran for decades and so far, never managed in a professional manner as it should, configuring itself as a strategic opportunity to revive the real estate market on a huge scale.

About the event:

During the event we will talk together with the main players in the sector (including institutions, platforms, online sales portals and to technological and innovative companies operating in the sector of the accommodation) with a view on the strategic role of the vacation rental, its implications from a legislative, economic, innovative and technological point of view.

  • BeeRent is the first completely free Channel Manager, changing the vacation rental business, giving to Property Managers an innovative approach, reduces operating cost and allowing them a much easier accommodation management tool.

There will be time for an in-depth discussion on the regulatory changes in this industry, with the aim of clarifying and providing a concrete framework and practical references to those who already work in this sector or intend to do so, through a thematic tour we will analyse the current and future situation of the short-term rental sector in urban destinations, presenting services and a series of innovative and technological solutions that will positively impact the vacation rental industry and are able to successfully determine the business of property managers in the field of tourism. More about the event you can find here.

Innovation that makes business - BeeRent presentation: 18:50 - 19:30

Presentation of BeeRent (Channel Manager and PMS), complete solution and service dedicated for the improving of the sustainability of the global tourism rental sector.

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Ivan Cvek - CEO / Co-Fonder


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