New features for Premium users! Property Management becomes easier.

Pol Popović
New features for Premium users! Property Management becomes easier.

BeeRent is happy to announce that the final features, that we have all been so excited about are now available for all of our Premium users! With these new features, we are giving everything that was promised, and maybe even more, to all of our  BeeRent Premium users that have requested functionalities to satisfy all of their needs. 

The wait is over! Starting from March 01, 2019 the users that have chosen our Premium Plan subscription will now have an upgraded BeeRent platform that contains all of the features from the published list, while the users in the Free Plan will have these features visible only until February 28, 2019. 

For everyone that has a desire to change their subscription plan from the Free to the Premium plan, it can, of course, be done by contacting our kind customer service team at

Let us open up a new world of possibilities, fast connecting to sales channels, easy managing, and the possibility to increase your business with the new time-saving functionalities we designed especially for you! 

Features that are available from the 26th of February 2019:

Reporting tool, payment details, and subscriptions

BeeRent, as you know, contains many information and some of them were unusable or inaccessible, that is - until now! We proudly present to you the Reports section, that can now be found in the main menu of our platform. Now you can compare your success throughout the seasons by creating, printing or even downloading your reports in a wide variety of file types. 

Everybody has their own needs when it comes to data manipulation - that's exactly why we've created the Reports feature! This highly useful functionality is designed so that you can order a report, one that satisfies your specific need, and we will gladly create it for you! 
Save time and a lot of effort by always knowing what part of your business is blooming as well as which one can be slightly improved so that you can increase your revenue and better your business daily!

How do we create the reports for you? Well, it's easy, and this is how it works:

  1. Determine the data you wish to obtain in a file type such as Excel or PDF. These are just a few of the types we can provide for you.
  2. Send your carefully constructed wishlist to our e-mail at 
  3. We at BeeRent will create the desired report available to you in a very short period of time
  4. Download the report as soon as it's visible in the ''Reports'' tab, or anytime you wish to save it

By default, you can find two different reports in your ''Report'' section. Use them to understand what kind of data and format you can get from reports.

New Payment details have been upgraded based on the user definition. If you are a homeowner the payment details are basically the schedule of the payments, while the Property Managers will have a few additional fields in which they will enter information about the payments and forward it to their suppliers - homeowners.

What does this upgrade mean for you? Well, it's simple - an increase in revenue and less time consumption! Customizable reports and email notifications are also coming for our Premium users! You are now able to create custom reports as well as custom email notifications for your suppliers. The Payment Details window can be found in the ''Reservation''page, in the ''Tools'' section under name ''Payments & receipts''.

The Payment Details feature is also very important for users that have activated the BeeRent Pay service. With this update easily control and see the payment schedule for every single reservation the BeeRent Pay service is handling. 

More is coming...

The upgrade, which will occur at the 26th of February 2019, will also include the APPs update that contains three new services such as the BeeRent Pay service, eVisitor, and SMS notifications.

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The BeeRent team.