Exciting new features coming in February!

Jelena Tucić
Exciting new features coming in February!

Here at BeeRent we constantly strive to improve our platform by listening to the wishes and requests of our clients - you! Improving your everyday experience, as well as saving your time and effort is our most important goal as a channel manager. 
That is why this month, BeeRent is bringing you many long-awaited new features! 

Take a look at the useful features that will soon be launched:

  • Upgraded BeeRent Pay - this new module, that allows you to charge your accommodation services with the lowes fees, now has the ability to automatically take care of payments for you! Based on a payment schedule and predefined policies BeeRent Pay will have the ability to charge your guests credit cards in order to confirm reservations and save you the effort of doing so manually. 
  • New Payment details window - the owner will be able to create invoices for the supplier, keep records of previous payouts to the supplier as well as the remaining amounts.
  • Reports - a completely new module that will allow you to create reports of your price lists, revenue overviews, and also a yearly comparison of your revenue. 
  • Net price list - a new price list will be added for the supplier where you can enter the net prices. This allows you to change the amount due to the supplier for a certain property or just a season. 
  • Subscription plans - All new modules that have been added to the platform since September 2018, will now be visible only to Premium and Premium Plus users.
  • New Sales Channel - we are adding Red Awning to the list of our sales channels! Improve your sales with this new channel and many more to come!
  • Hotel structure - connect your hotel with the sales channels we offer and easily manage them with our time-saving feature - the Group calendar!
  • E-Visitor - Our Croatian users will now have the ability to register their guests to the E-visitor site directly through BeeRent.
  • SMS notifications - we created an easier way for you to activate or de-activate the SMS notifications you receive from BeeRent.
  • Content sync updated - a new field called ''Alternative property name'' will be added to every unit in BeeRent, here you can enter the name of your unit in an alternative language.
  • New events - in addition to all of these great features new events will soon be announced! 

Stay tuned for the update of all these new features presented to you today, as well as many more to come very soon! The update will be realized during this month. 

The BeeRent team.