Big improvements coming your way!

Jelena Tucić
Big improvements coming your way!

BeeRent is always trying to bring you the best user experience by constantly improving our platform. In cooperation with our partners we present to you some changes that can simplify the managing of your portfolio!

Let's start with the news!

Our platform has always strived to be simple and useful, but what if the options you have now were even more tailored to you? That's what BeeRent want's to achieve - perfection in it's every feature. 

Unit ID's for a quick search
Until now, you have been able to search your properties on our platform by their Hotel ID or Property Name.
Now we bring you the possibility to search your properties by the Unit ID! Click here to read more about this new feature on our knowledge base page.

New amenities for Airbnb
One thing that makes the Airbnb sales channel unique is the attention to detail it demands for it's users. To make sure you have every detail covered when listing your property we have added four new amenities to our platform, that only Airbnb has:

  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Carbon monoxide detector 
  • Smoke detector 
  • First aid kit

Highlight these amenities if your property has them because they are sure to make your listing more visible to travelers that limit their search. Take a look at how how amenities set in BeeRent will show on the Airbnb sales channel by clicking here.

New and improved way of creating discounts on HomeAway & Airbnb

Unlike other sales channels, HomeAway's and Airbnb's algorithms sum up all discounts set for their sales channel into one, bigger discount. This can result in a different total price being shown to the guest than you may have expected, usually a lower one.

To avoid situations as this one, BeeRent has made an easy fix by creating new rate plans for HomeAway and Airbnb. Starting today, the new rate plans will be used to define exactly which, as well as how many discounts you wish to create on the HomeAway or Airbnb sales channel.

Learn how to create discounts and opportunities for HomeAway and Airbnb on our knowledge base page here. has some news too

Starting from the 1st of September, is modifying the way they charge commission to ensure consistent prices when it comes to mandatory additional fees. Extra costs such as housekeeping, bed linens, and other services charged on checkin, will be added to the final commissionable amount. They are now subject to regular commission of the channel.

In addition to this, you have probably received a notification in which invites you to edit your settings if you charge your guests credit cards in any way. This notification doesn't apply to those using's payment services, only those that are using any other payment service.
If you are using the BeeRent Pay service, that automatically charges guests credit cards using existing policies, you are required to send an answer to It's very simple to edit these settings so we ask you to follow instructions from our knowledge base page here.

There is always room for improvement, no matter how big or small and BeeRent is here to make all necessary changes to satisfy your every rental need.

Let's connect and grow together!

BeeRent team.