BeeRent opens its doors to HOTELS!

Jelena Tucić
BeeRent opens its doors to HOTELS!

BeeRent platform has, until now, been tailored to support private accommodation such as villas, apartments etc.

Starting today, BeeRent is tearing down the limits and opening its doors to hotel accommodation!

BeeRent team has completely developed our first Hotel Structure and
Smart Multi-Unit calendar capable of managing a large number of units to maximize capacity.

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Hotel Structure properties - Units feature

Hotel Structure for an easy way to manage a large number of units is now available to our Premium and Premium Plus users. 
On your BeeRent platform, inside a property, you will now find a new field called ''Units''. This is where all the magic happens! If you have several completely identical rooms why should you create them separately? Well, now you don't have to - create just one room and add the number of units of that same room that you wish to manage.

Your job here is done! 

Beerent handles bookings and places them on a single calendar, even for sales channels that don't support hotel structures natively.

Smart Multi-Unit Calendar

Now that you have the Hotel Structure available it’s time to manage it, and what a better way to do it than through our new Smart Multi-Unit Calendar!  

We’ve created an easy way for you to monitor all your rooms occupancy in just one calendar, we also like to call it a Group Calendar.
Keep track of how many rooms you have available or how many of them are occupied. Switch between time periods or close a room for the desired period with just one click.

And we haven’t gotten to the best part yet! Our Smart Algorythm will automatically arrange yor arriving reservations so you get the best possible schedule of availability. This eliminates the so-called holes in your calendar and creates the least possible number of available rooms in a short period. 

In the end, we leave all the power to you. Simply move the reservations around the calendar at your will and lock them in place once you are satisfied with your schedule, or let the smart calendar do all the work for you.

We really hope we fulfilled all your expectations with this new feature and hope you are excited to use the Hotel Structure as much as we are. 

Hurry up and activate your Hotel structured properties in the BeeRent platform today.

At the same time don't forget to activate our BeeRent Pay automatic payment module, and with the increasing number of reservations save up to 90% of your time!

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Let’s create more extremely useful products, like the ones presented today, together in the future!

The BeeRent team.