Mobile Rates and Country Rates

Silvana  Mobile Rates and Country Rates

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Why Mobile Rates?

One of the most successful pricing products of is the Mobile Rate. It’s a targeted pricing tool that allows properties to offer a discounted rate to customers on mobile devices.

This is important because over half (59%) of all the bookings on are now made on a mobile device. Capturing this market is crucial for strengthening and growing your business.

How do Mobile Rates work?

Mobile Rates are discounted rates visible to guests on mobile device – either on the app, mobile site or both.

A minimum 10% discount is required, but properties can opt to offer mobile users a larger discount.

This discount is applied to all of a property’s rooms and rate plans, and it combines with discounts for the Genius programme, as well as any other promotions they’ve set up (with the exception of the Country Rate or Limited Time Deal).

Properties can set up 30 blackout days per calendar year, on which the discount won’t be applied.

Mobile Rates are proven to effectively capture an important – and growing – traveller segment. Properties lose out on demand by not offering this targeted rate.

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