Start renting your accommodation facilities on the HomeAway sales channel!

Jelena Tucić
Start renting your accommodation facilities on the HomeAway sales channel!

The synchronization with the HomeAway portal has never been easier!
If you are a travel agency or a private owner with a minimum of five or more accommodation units, we are pleased to invite you to begin renting your accommodation facilities on the HomeAway sales channel.  

This portal brings up to 75.000.000 visits per month, is available in 190 countries, and also offers a simple, easy and quick managment of accommodation facilities for bookings and prices, as well as for marketing!

HomeAway portal allows you to always be in control, easily define prices, availability and who stays at you accommodation unit. The easy-to-use dashboard gives you access to the best-in-class reservation tools for setting up your rates and managing reservations, as well as in-depth analytics. 

By synchronizing your units with HomeAway, your accommodation will also be available at these sub-portals:

Our team, in cooperation with HomeAway, is here for you at any given moment and always ready to recommend strategies, maximize your marketing ROI, and help your business grow.

To ensure that everything is done without stress, we offer you a BeeRent Pay module that allows you to charge your accommodation services directly from your guests by credit card with the lowest fees. 

BeeRent Pay services can be used for reservations you receive from the HomeAway portal and can be enabled on request. The activation has never been easier, all you need to do is send us a request for activation on our email:

In cooperation with HomeAway, BeeRent Pay offers you the chance to make sure that the use of your accommodation units will always be charged in just a few easy steps: 

If you wish to start the synchronization process of your BeeRent account to the HomeAway portal there is no need to waste a lot of time on documentation, the proccess is fast and easy. To begin, fill in the questionnaire by clicking on the button below:


BeeRent team