Silvana Cvek


About Us


With over more than twenty years of working experience in tourism business, we have decided to enter in a new, improved stage of our business adventure.


We are growing in our business, carefully choosing our housing units and that is one really important factor by which we are expanding the range and quality of our service.

Our priority besides mentioned accommodation is also proving you with the best advices
for spending your leisure time, by carefully listening to your desires and wishes, and recommending you the best restaurants, excursions, short travels throughout our beautiful region of Istra,
best wellness recommendation and beautiful beaches.

YOU dear guests deserve the best holiday and the best service for your holidays that will stay long memorized in your hearts and minds as one of the best holiday experience you“ve had.

Our job is to make all those beautiful memories come to life.
In our collaboration with landlords and you as our guests, we hope to continuously rise successfully in our business.
We stand at your service for all possible and additional questions, before and during your stay, so please do not hesitate to ask us anything that you may have doubt with.

Your Luxistria Rent Team