In cooperation with TZO Medulin, BeeRent hosted the first informative seminar

Jelena Tucić
In cooperation with TZO Medulin, BeeRent hosted the first informative seminar

BeeRent has started an active cooperation with the tourist community of the Medulin municipality, and in light of that, together we have decided to actively engage and help property managers and property owners achieve an increase in revenue and sales!

Therefore, the first seminar was held with the representatives of TZO Medulin, and we can proudly say it went great!

Wondering what was the goal of this seminar? Well, there were many interesting topics we covered - but the main was, of course, how can you - the client reach more travelers, save time and easily manage properties.

We introduce the ability to integrate your private accommodation of TZO Medulin with the BeeRent platform

Why should you connect your accommodation with BeeRent? The answer to this is very simple - we offer you a world of possibilities!

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Online booking on the Medulin Rivera website, daily visited by thousands of potential tourists 
  • An in-depth search by seasons and periods, which means more quality bookings for you
  • The opportunity to connect to a wide range of worldwide sales channels including, HomeAway, Airbnb, etc...
  • You get special terms! No commission for renters of TZO Medulin

Interested? Activate this service by just entering your BeeRent account ID on your Medulin Rivera account, and clicking ''connect''- it's as easy as that! The service can be activated at any time in the next three years under current and by far the best, conditions we provide!

Do you have to connect through BeeRent - of course not, but this means your accommodation units will not be subject to a search by dates, so why not take advantage of this great opportunity? 

Integration will be available starting March 11th, be sure to create an account on the BeeRent platform!

Let us introduce BeeRent - a revolutionary platform in the rental sector

BeeRent is a solution created by frustrated property owners and managers looking for an easy solution. We can say it's a gift form renters to renters - a central database with a decentralized distribution network.
A fast-growing company with more than 10.000 accommodation units on the platform in just a year that can connect you to the leading sales channels around the world!

We don't just promise, we deliver, and our awards and achievements throughout the years can speak for themselves: 

  • From Airbnb - a certified and recommended two-way connection
  • recommends BeeRent as a certified recommended Premier connectivity partner
  • HomeAway - again, certified and recommended two-way connection award in 2018
  • From Expedia, most recently a certified and recommended two-way connection

Today, private owners as well as tourist agencies in the rental sector have many problems that amount to spending too much money, and not to mention - valuable time.
Overbookings, manually charging and invoicing, a lack of a centralized content database, many different extranets and applications with different rates and cancellation rules... Forget all of this!

The solution is simple - BeeRent! Here are the top five benefits of using the BeeRent platform:

  1. A secure connection with leading sales channels -, Airbnb, HomeAway, OnlyApartments, TUI, Atraveo, E-Domizil...
  2. Always in control - update your content, everything form descriptions, prices, photos to amenities can be updated only in BeeRent and automatically be visible on all you connected channels!
  3. Dynamic pricelist and availability - activate a powerful dynamic complex pricelist to dramatically increase your revenue and income
  4. Handle payments with ease - send payment instructions and charge your guests in just a few steps
  5. For start-up's & professionals alike - BeeRent is completely free of charge for simple management and very affordable for professionals

The BeeRent business model is unique and as such, brand new! Earnings come from the difference between the standard costs and savings our customers make, and by that - the increase in earnings they get by using the BeeRent platform. 

In addition to the ability to connect to more than 50 sales channels, BeeRent also offers a free website for you! By connecting, you will get a free real-time booking website that is connected to all of your sales channels, and it helps you avoid overbookings!
Our BeeRent Pay module gives you the option of safely and easily charging your guest and all reservations in just one system. The platform is also very user-friendly so you can see all of your reservations and availabilities as well as manage all your properties in only one place!

If you have been searching for a module to tend to your every need, you've definitely found it. 

Now that you know all of the benefits that the cooperation of the tourist community of the Medulin municipality and BeeRent, we wish to invite you to two more seminars and educational workshops scheduled to be held in April 2019 in Verona and Mastre-Venice. 

We owe a big thank you to the whole team of the tourist community of the Medulin municipality, and we are very proud of our cooperation! More than 70 guests from the area of the Medulin municipality attended the first seminar, and we hope to see all of you and many more on the upcoming workshops!

The BeeRent team.

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