BeeRent &, follow up after our successful educations

Ivan Cvek
BeeRent &, follow up after our successful educations

BeeRent...successful and productive seminars / educations, after our two meetings in Pula and Rovinj together with our Prefered partner We are very glad to see that private renters and tourist agencies from the Istrian peninsula are eager to learn and follow up all the new trends in tourism and technology.

We were surprised to see that we still have property owners in Istria that are not using but after the event, and after we clarified all the questions together with the Booking Home Manager, Estera Bobanović, we see that their are willing to start cooperating with the largest booking portal for accommodation.

Did you know?

  • By guests, Croatia is at first place among the top 30 countries with an average rating of 9.0!

A real Special mention to Estera Bobanović, Booking Home partner manager, for the great presentations, support, knowledge and all the insights she gave about Booking com. Our Istrian audience really appreciated the detailed information presented. It is really great that after the seminars all of our audience remained longer for more than an hour and contributed, with specific questions, to get more deeper into "way of doing things".

We are very open and proud to help all new users to start their cooperation with the largest booking portal and at the same time to help all existing users to maximize their revenues through

After experiencing and overcoming all the problems of the business in the tourism industry, we have decided to share our experiences and help achieve our clients the maximum results, to reach their full potential!

BeeRent, As the first free quality Channel Manager, allows our clients a direct connectivity and integration with all the major sales channels around the world, we are delighted to be able to return all control in the hands to whom it belongs!

We, BeeRent presented our software, which enables our clients, Propery Managers, private renters of Villas, Holliday homes, B&B's and apartments to connect with all the major sales channels in the world, free of charge and to manage all data directly through our platform, to connect each other and create one clean and centralized data base.

At the same time BeeRent has opened a public call to all third party companies that are offering different applications / solutions in order to maximize the revenue and quality of the service from our clients, to connect with BeeRent through our innovative API (import/export) and allow their own users to connect through BeeRent with all the major global sales channels.

As we promised to all that attended, we will organize the next educations with specific programs as follows:

  • How to create complex price lists and miltiple rate plans, adapted to market offer and demand
  • How to use promotional and opportunities tools in order to maximize revenue and booking score
  • How to automize all the administration, including invoicing and VAT calculation based on the specific tax regulations in Croatia

We want to thank the Istrian Tourist Board, the Tourist Boards of Rovinj with special mention to the Director Odete Sapač and Pula for their support.

Big thanks once again to Estera Bobanović, Booking Home team, Maistra with Valentina Pavlović (Hotel Lone) and the Faculty of Economics and Tourism "Dr. Mijo Mirković" for hosting us and for the great job done!

Once more, big thanks to all involved, from Ivan CvekSilvana Cvek and all the BeeRent team!

P.S. We are very glad and proud to announce the first promotional and educational events, together with our partners, Expedia and HomeAway for the 25th of May, 2018. in Rovinj / Istria...stay tuned, more info will follow up!