We are proud to announce that BeeRent became Booking.com Premier partner in 2017 - 2018

Silvana Cvek
We are proud to announce that BeeRent became Booking.com Premier partner in 2017 - 2018

We are proud to announce that BeeRent became Booking.com Premier partner in 2017 - 2018 which is the highest level of partnership with Booking.com API partners

1. Switch to BeeRent

  • Switch time from other channel manager to BeeRent takes minutes, not days. Getting properties connected fast improves the onboarding process and enables them to start benefiting from the connection immediately.

2. New Content API

  • BeeRent allows you to sync basic property information, including photos, amenities, policies and location details, between your BeeRent account and the Booking.com system. With this feature you can easily add and change multiple and single property information to be viewable on Booking.com. This option is also very beneficial for partners who manage many properties not yet listed on the Booking.com platform, ensuring that they do not need to fill this basic information themselves by registering every property individually.

3. Two way connection

  • BeeRent enables you to create or modify room and rate types for your properties in Booking.com system. You can define a set of policies, rooms or rates, and then combine those into a sellable product, all from your BeeRent account. You can also create rooms, rates and policy content for multiple properties at once.

4. Derived prices & LOS pricing

  • BeeRent has both "derived prices" and "LOS" options for sales maximization. These two features enable you to set rates by occupancy for your properties, allowing you to sell the same room in different ways (for instance, a family room can have rates for two, three or four people). This means that different rates can apply, depending on the number of guests. This feature helps you to maximize revenue by making the property visible in different search options on the Booking.com platform. It also ensures that the potential guests see the most attractive prices, as they only pay for the occupancy they are looking for.

5. Open-Close Properties

  • BeeRent lets you manage your properties avaliability on the Booking.com. You can easily open and close properties and handle multiple properties at once. In addition, BeeRent allows you to check what basic information and required content is missing in order for properties to become open and bookable on Booking.com.

6. Complete Reservation Details

  • BeeRent feature set gives your properties more details about each reservation. For example, if the reservation is made by a Genius guest, your property will be able to see this information and give this guest the treatment they expect. This will help your properties to better prepare for upcoming guest arrivals.

7. Unlimited Rooms-Rates and Policies

  • BeeRent enables your properties to connect all rooms and rates to the ones in Booking.com system. With BeeRent all active rates, room types and policies are pulled, ensuring complete mapping and no missed opportunities. Having this technical possibility ensures two systems are connected seamlessly.

8. Syncs all existing and upcoming reservations

  • If you are currently using different channel manager, BeeRent feature syncs all existing and new upcoming reservations between Booking.com and the property. This ensures a simple, straightforward onboarding process when properties connect to BeeRent channel manager, and helps avoiding any possible overbookings, customer service issues and misunderstandings.

9. Retrieval time is 100%

  • Retrieval time between BeeRent and Booking.com system is 100%. Retrieval time is a crucial element in both, the property's operational and revenue optimisation efforts.

10. Integrated and support Booking.com Reporting API

  • BeeRent will allow your properties to report crucial reservation information and adjustments to Booking.com using their BeeRent account. This information can include reporting invalid credit card details, reporting no-shows and changing guest booked dates. Since Booking.com uses this information to adjust commission invoiced to the property, it is very important for the property to be able to report reservation changes as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

11. BeeRent is PCI DSS compliant

  • PCI compliance enables BeeRent to receive and send credit card details from the Booking.com system to its users. Most of other providers are not PCI compliant, so their users can only access credit card details by logging in to the Booking.com system for each reservation, making the process of handling credit cards details extremely complex for Property Owners.