Big thanks from BeeRent and Airbnb

Ivan Cvek
Big thanks from BeeRent and Airbnb

After our Istrian tour ends it is time to look back, our four really intense days were very productive and we want to let you know all we have done through this summary.

First we want to thank the Istrian Tourist Board, the Tourist Boards of Poreč, Rovinj, Pula and Umag.

Thanks to our host Valamar (Hotel Diamant), Maistra (Hotel Lone), Pula Tourist Board (Dom Hrvatskih Branitelja) and the Italian Community of the City of Umag for the warm welcome and the wonderful organization.

A special mention to our partners/friends from Airbnb, Luka Birkic, Marijana Vukan and Ines Apro for the great cooperation, without you this would not be possible.

Special thanks to our local partners, Euro Tours Tourist Agency Poreč, Rovinj Advisor and Travelin Pula and last but not least, the most important, huge thanks to all Property Managers and private owners, over 1000, who joined us at our conventions!

Thanks to Rovinj FM with Igor Franković and to Radio Centar Poreč for the coverage.

We are excited to see that the leading Istrian newspaper, Glas Istre, wrote a great article about BeeRent and Airbnb from our conference in Pula. Thank you Mr. Zoran Angeleski !

You can read the article on the link below:

This was a good lession for all of us too, as we learnt that our Property Owners and Propery Managers from Croatia are ready to do everything what is neccesarry in order to meet all the specific requirements from each sales channel which will bring them on the highest level in providing a great client / guest experiance.

They just need someone to take care of them, listen to their issues (not only the guests' issues), try to solve them and provide with the right answers at the right time, and most importantly, to provide them with a simple technology that works and opens their doors to the global market.

We are very happy to see that the number of new registered users of BeeRent from Istria and Croatia has increased drastically and we belive that comes as a result of a great job done by us and our partners from Airbnb.

BeeRent presented our software, which enables our clients, Propery Managers, private renters of Villas, Holliday homes, B&B's, apartments and small Hotels to connect with all the major sales channels in the world free of charge and to manage all data directly through our platform, to connect each other and create one clean and centralized data base.

At the same time BeeRent has opened a public call to all third party companies that are offering different applications / solutions in order to maximize the revenue and quality of the service from our clients, to connect with BeeRent through our innovative API (import/export) and allow their own users to connect through BeeRent with all the major global sales channels.

We will see eachother soon, at our new conferences and educational workshops, together with our other partners, global sales channels which will be organazied and adapted to answer all the questions you will and may have, after all we are all here for you!

We will keep you posted!

Once more, big thanks to all involved, from Ivan Cvek, Silvana Cvek and all the BeeRent team!

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