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Silvana Cvek
Ursus Travel

We at Ursus consider  it a great honor and pleasure to present to you our products and services. We are a family  with a vast experience in tourism and service industry. For generations we have been providing superior services and products in Europe and Asia. We proud ourselves in catering for numerous foreign dignitaries and high class events. In 2016th, after recognizing a need for an increase in quality of certain services we decided to embark on a new journey. And so became URSUS, which is a latin form of our surname, meaning „a bear“.

URSUS Simple Limited Liability Company operates mainly in the tourism sector and conducts it’s business in the following fields:

  • Private accommodation / vacation rentals – Ursus rents out real estates which are in it’s ownership and works with a network of trusted partners. This is an asset which can not be bought because the business relations with our partners comes from years of cooperation in service industry. We at Ursus take great pride in our service industry pedigree and our experience and tradition in the restaurant business. We provide quality accommodation in apartments, villas and beach houses in Split and island of Brač area.
  • Hotel accommodation – The staff at Ursus consists of former restaurant owners/managers, F&B managers and Maîtres d’hôtel. We have been employees of numerous hotels in the formerly stated functions and nowadays we also provide hotels and restaurants with service quality consultation. This experience enables us to insure only the best hotel services for our clients.
  • Transfers – be it by land or sea Ursus provides 24/7 transfer service. Do you want to hop from one island to another? Croatia has more than a thousand of those, or you need an airport pickup? We provide transfers for all possible needs and our fleet consists of high quality cars and boats. Our drivers and captains are experienced local professionals who have a valuable knowledge of secluded beaches, popular nightclubs, and beautiful historical sights.
  • Catering – the pinnacle of Ursus’s business, our forte and greatest passion. For more than 50 years our management staff was on the forefront of providing superior products and services in hotels and restaurants in Europe and Asia. We consider our duty to enhance the overall quality of life by promoting and serving traditional mediterranean food with a contemporary twist. We indulge you to contact us and inquire about organising catering for your precious family and business gatherings. We will never settle for anything but premium quality, and neither should you!
  • Tours and excursions – we consider Dalmatia, a part of the ancient land of Ilirya, heaven on earth. We would like to present our little eden in the honest and warm-hearted way so our guests can experience it in a most satisfying manner possible. Whether you desire a walking tour of ancient Split, a hiking tour on the unbelivably beautiful island of Brač, rafting on the Cetina river or any other tour of our beautiful region, our out-going and local staff will be delighted to show you the magnificent beauty that has been bestowed upon us.




Our mission is not only to fulfill our clients needs but to surpass their expectations in providing superb customer service. We will aim to please our guests and we intend to do that in a professional and caring way. We shall threat our customers like we would like to be treated on our life journeys. This means we will offer support and conduct our business in a sincere manner with a goal of creating long-lasting positive memories and impressions of our country and our people.  Our staff will act in a responsible manner, bearing in mind that our customers are primarily our guests, meaning that it is our duty to make them feel welcome and comfortable. We will consider every inquiry in a manner of responsible businessman and always endeavor to provide extra value for our guests.