Tailor made holidays

Silvana Cvek
Tailor made holidays

We love Portugal and know it like nobody else. We know all its nooks, all its charms and the best it has to offer.

It was based on this concept that "TailorMade Holidays" was born - a young, dynamic and innovative brand that aims to promote Portugal and market experiences, activities and alternative locations in the various regions that make up our beautiful country.

TailorMade Holidays promotes the various regions of the country while presenting hundreds of possibilities that meet the demands of the modern consumer, allowing you to acquire real-time activities for several days in different cities and regions.

Our offer is wide and we guarantee the best prices of the market in all the products that we commercialize: Accommodation, Tours, Gastronomy, Experiences, Transfers, Degustation, Travel and Wellness.

If each customer is different, why do experiences have to be the same?!

Use our site to combine activities and experiences according to your preference and your lifestyle.