BeeRent is proud to announce its active cooperation with TZO Medulin!

Jelena Tucić
BeeRent is proud to announce its active cooperation with TZO Medulin!

Given the ever more dynamic movement in tourism and the changing habits of guests, the tourist community of the Medulin municipality tends to keep up with new trends through constant investment in projects that allow better and more favorable placement of rental accommodation capacities.

Therefore, the tourist community of the municipality of Medulin decided to actively engage and help their renters achieve the best results for the upcoming season.

TZO Medulin currently has more than 2000 renters, regularly advertises on Google, and it is interesting to note that during the season, the website is daily visited by thousands of potential tourists! Renters now have the opportunity to increase their productivity with the BeeRent platform!

TZO Medulin recommends BeeRent as a system that will help you save your time and effort!

BeeRent offers a wide range of useful features for renters, as well as a very easy way to manage all of your property from one place!

With the BeeRent system, complete control is in the hands of the renter; from prices and seasons to photos, descriptions as well as availability! The complete contents of your facility can be linked to various online sales channels, including, Airbnb, HomeAway, Atraveo, Only-apartments, Expedia, ... Also, by creating units on BeeRent you will automatically create a free website with an online booking form and an advanced search engine.

In addition to this, property owners will have the opportunity to register their guests on the eVisitor website through the BeeRent platform! For our users from Croatia, eVisitor is integrated with the BeeRent system.

In cooperation with TZO Medulin, BeeRent organizes 3 interesting seminars:

  • Information seminar - At this seminar, the guests will have the opportunity to hear more about the BeeRent platform and all the ways this system can help property owners and property managers. 
  • Educational seminar where we will bring one of our most famous partners.
  • Educational seminar with the aim of learning how to increase the number of reservations before and after the season, using the sales channels.

The first seminar will be held on 02.03.2019. at Park Plaza Belvedere in Medulin at 3 pm, after which the seminars will continue on 22 and 23 March 2019. in Verona and Mestre-Venice. If you are interested in participating in educational workshops and seminars, fill out the application form by clicking on the link below:

Sign up!

Sign up is required for participating in the seminars!

We are very proud of our cooperation with the tourist community of Medulin and we look forward to your attendance at the organized seminars!

Your BeeRent team.