Another step closer to a New Era of smart rental: BeeRent SelfCheckIn mobile application is here!

Jelena Tucić
Another step closer to a New Era of smart rental: BeeRent SelfCheckIn mobile application is here!

You can always find a way to make more money, but you can never find a way to make more time. With always being out and about, you need an easy way to check in all your guests on the go.

So, today we welcome the newest addition to our platform – the BeeRent SelfCheckIn mobile application! 

Make more money & save 90% of your time:

For Android users

For iPhone users

There's no more need to login to eVisitor

Gain total control over every aspect of your listings through just one place - BeeRent: 

  • Manage reservations from all sales channels in one user-friendly platform
  • Automatically charge them by using the BeeRent Pay service
  • And now, automatically check-in your guests online into eVisitor with the selfCheckIn app

It’s a simple time-saving option

What’s the one thing you almost always keep by your side? Your mobile phone – of course! With this in mind, BeeRent has developed a solution for all of you with busy schedules. Find our free for Premium and Premium Plus users app on the Google PlayStore and use it wherever you are. 

BeeRent SelfCheckIn app is connected to eVisitor so it allows all our Croatian users to check in, or out, their guests with just a few clicks. Get a detailed overview of your reservations on the app’s dashboard, as well as a list of currently checked-in travelers. 

Who can use selfCheckIn?

  • Guests - Whether the guest is comming from your private website or from a sales channels, they can also check-in themselves, even in advance, by using the selfCheckIn app. You just confirm their check-in with a click of a button!
  • Home-owners - You can check-in guests yourself as well, the app supports reservations from all sales channels and private web-sites
  • Travel Agencies - If you have an agency and do check-in's for all of your home-owners, we recommend you start using selfCheckIn to save time when checking-in a large number of guests

Scan documents

Register your new guests, or let them check-in themselves, by scanning their documents with a click of a button – it’s as easy as that! 
Once the scan is complete, the guests are checked-In to eVisitor and you can dedicate your spare time to creating a lovely experience for them throughout their stay. During the stay, the check-in information can easily be changed in case the guest wishes to prolong their vacation. 

We also wanted to make communication easier for you, so we’ve added a way to contact the accommodation unit directly through the app. Call or send a message to make sure your guests always have everything they could possibly need, or let the traveler contact you in the same simple way.

Activate the eVisitor app on the BeeRent platform and connect your properties so that you can easily check, change or delete check-ins through the BeeRent SelfCheckIn mobile application. 

The activation process is simple and fast, you can learn more about it here: 

eVisitor APP


BeeRent is so excited to have such an amazing addition to the platform. The BeeRent SelfCheck-in app is a very important step to the new era we are creating for you!

Let's connect and grow together.

BeeRent team.