Celebrating 5 Years of Successful Cooperation with HomeToGo and BeeRent Platform

Silvana Cvek
Celebrating 5 Years of Successful Cooperation with HomeToGo and BeeRent Platform

Celebrating 5 Years of Successful Cooperation HomeToGo and BeeRent Platform

It feels like just yesterday when we announced our exciting partnership with HomeToGo, one of the world's leading vacation rental search engines. Today, we proudly celebrate five years of fruitful collaboration that has brought tremendous benefits to property owners and managers. As we reflect on our journey, we can't help but feel a deep sense of pride and gratitude for HomeToGo being one of the first integrated partners on the BeeRent API.

A Pioneering Partnership: HomeToGo and BeeRent

Back in 2019, BeeRent proudly introduced its partnership with HomeToGo, and it's been an incredible journey since then. We joined forces to provide property owners and managers with a unique opportunity to showcase their properties in over 200 countries, opening the doors to a global audience of travelers.

Expanding Your Reach with HomeToGo

With BeeRent's two-way integration with HomeToGo, you gain automatic exposure on HomeToGo's family brands, including:

This comprehensive partnership ensures that your vacation properties receive maximum visibility across the globe. When your potential guests are searching for their dream vacation rentals, they will find your listings on HomeToGo and its affiliated brands.

Seamless Booking Experience

Having high visibility is essential, but it's equally important to facilitate the booking process for your potential guests. That's where BeeRent comes into play. Our platform provides you with instant bookings and direct sales on the HomeToGo distribution channel. By simply connecting your account, you can enable a smooth booking experience for travelers looking for their next vacation home.

Full Synchronization for Efficiency

Efficiency and ease of management are at the core of our integration with HomeToGo. BeeRent offers a complete two-way synchronization, allowing you to seamlessly manage and update every aspect of your property listings. This includes prices, availabilities, amenities, and high-quality photos. Thanks to this streamlined approach, you can have your properties listed and live on HomeToGo within just 48 hours. Your calendars will also stay synchronized, eliminating the hassle of overbookings and ensuring smooth operations.

Hassle-Free Automatic Payments

To enhance the booking experience further, BeeRent introduces the BeeRentPay automatic payment module. With this feature, you can automate the process of charging your guests' credit cards based on pre-defined policies. Not only does this provide convenience for your guests, but it also instills confidence in your property management.

Getting Started with BeeRent and HomeToGo

Connecting your vacation rentals to HomeToGo via BeeRent is a straightforward process. Our dedicated support team is here to guide you every step of the way. Simply reach out to us at customerservice@beerent.com, and we will assist you in setting up the integration. Together, we'll ensure that your properties are seamlessly featured on HomeToGo and its partner brands.


BeeRent and HomeToGo's integration is a gateway to a world of opportunities for property owners and managers. We invite you to connect with us and embrace this exciting journey of growth and success. Expand your reach, streamline your property management, and enhance the booking experience for your guests.

Let's connect and grow together!

As we celebrate five years of successful cooperation, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and customers who have been an integral part of this journey. Together, we've achieved remarkable success, and we're excited about the future. Let's continue to connect, grow, and thrive together.